Inspection during critical points along the supply chain can reduce dramatically the potential, risk before turning into crisis. We provide specification and process validation against your requirements to ensure full control in the country of origin.

Full control of your global supply chain can be achieved by inspecting different aspects along the chain – raw material inspection, during production inspection, pre-shipment inspection and loading inspection. With Intertek being our trusted global partner, we now offer inspection services at many locations around the world.

Raw Material Inspection
Raw materials random sampling and testing in accordance with different standards and specification.
During-Production Inspection

With first units leaving the production line, we will perform specification validation and look for quality index deviations.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

After 100% of the finished product is ready to be shipped, we will random sample the pallets according to international sampling standards, to examine the compliance to contract – quantity, quality, workmanship, functioning, size, color, packaging, labeling etc.

Loading Inspection

Shipment related issues are being inspected before loading the goods – purchasing order compliance, pallets size, packing method, destination of shipment, labeling of the goods and physical condition of the container or vessel.