With years of experience in the food industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to establish sampling programs for you products and the means to execute it efficiently.

Sampling program is being executed according to product sampling specification – sample size, analysis has to be performed, frequency of sampling, critical points to sample from. The specification is determined by taking into account several considerations such as product and supplier risk, local regulation requirements and best practices.

Our team will manage all aspects of the sampling program – from establishing the plan, through sampling, transport it to our laboratory in optimal conditions, alerting for any deviation and finally managing and consolidating the data for you.

Our laboratory is accredited in compliance with ISO 17025 form the Israeli Laboratory Accreditation Authority, and recognized by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Environmental Services, to perform various types of analysis:


At every stage in the food supply chain, maintaining hygiene, preventing spoilage and avoiding contamination are important priorities manufacturers, retailers and distributers. Protecting consumer health by testing for the presence of harmful pathogens in food and can be achieved with reliable microbiology testing.


Nutritional composition testing according to product specification and regulations.

Toxins & Allergens

Aflatoxins, Mycotoxins, Pesticides Residuals and many more. Our laboratories can test for the majority of allergenic ingredient mentioned in Israeli standards, as well as many EU and US standards.

Authenticity and GMO

Food and Feed authenticity tests in different methods to minimize the risk of food fraud.


Wide array of air, water and soil tests, in compliance with Israeli and international standards.

Food Contact Packaging

We perform Migration tests for food packaging, in compliance with IS 5113. Furthermore, we perform various tests for metal, glass and porcelain packages.