In a reality where food regulations evolve constantly, you have to be sure your business complies with the changing requirements. Lab-Path specializes in various food regulatory areas, keeping you safe and protecting your interests.

Licensing : Supporting You All the Way
Bureaucracy can make the process of licensing complex and time consuming. Years of experience with Israel's regulators' requirements, makes this process much more efficient and focused.

Manufacturing License

Professional and efficient support of the whole process with full integration in front of the Health Ministry – planning according to regulation requirements, construction permit submission, establishment of Technical Provision and handling the approval in front of Israel's national food services.

Business License

We help you deal with different bureaucracy factors requirements, including the municipal authority, Health Ministry, Ministry of Environmental services, Firefighting services, Ministry of Economy – in order to make the process efficient and timesaving.

Export/Import License

Organizing and consolidating the required documents needed, as well as presenting it in the proper way while participating in discussions at Israel's national food services. For exporters – we support FDA certification process as well as EU different permits.

Your Products : Our Solutions

Bottle-necks can delay time to market and cause heavy loses when launching a new product. Our experiences team is familiar with the different offices and requirement, turning the process of certifying new products more agile than ever.

Import Permits

Importing food products to Israel is restricted by a complex system a regulations. We will help you classify your products according to regulation instructions and handle the process of collecting and submitting the relevant paperwork accordingly.

Food Product Label Review Services

We provide reviewing and analysis of your product's label in accordance with the ever changing demands of regulations in Israel (IS1145) or country of destination.

Furthermore, we provide a full service of constructing new labels, including nutritional values calculation, ingredient examination and designing the outline of the label in compliance with strict regulations in Israel or country of destination.