Over four decades of expertise is what makes us a natural choice for many of Israel's leading brand. Our team of food technologists, engineers, biotechnologists, veterinaries and nutritionist provide responsible, agile and added-value consulting services.

We provide consulting service in different fields – regulation, licensing, risk management, supply chain challenges, product development and many more. Among our portfolio of services:
Outsourced Quality Control

Covering all aspects of quality and safety control, our highly skilled team of food technologist will support all your needs step by step, according to your desired scope of hours.  

Global Standard Compliance

Preparing your organization to meet standard requirements – performing gap analysis, writing and re-writing protocols, forms and reports, internal auditing and implementing corrective actions.

Production Line Planning

Determine the correct flow of processes in accordance with Health Ministry requirements, establishment of Technical Provision and handling the approval in front of Israel's National food services.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental consulting services by our experts – industrial water and wastewater handling, relations with Israel's water corporations, waste management, hazardous material handling, environmental permits, poison licensing etc. 

Professional Expert Opinion

Compliance of test results to Israeli and international standards as well as food related professional legal opinion.

Risk Management Plan

Locate critical points and assess the probability and severity of the risks at that point. Risk management plan is an essential part of project management, occasionally performed at the initial steps of each project. This plan also functions as the base for HACCP program.

Nutritional Consulting

Clinical Dietitian support for various purposes – portion size in menus, nutritional values calculation and general nutritional consulting.