Audits help ensure your compliance with global market, industry standards and regulatory requirements. From sharing best practices and new industry requirements, to assessing your performance and products against your own objectives – Lab-Path auditing solutions is right were you need it.

Lab-Path expert auditing is a tool intended to strengthen your business. Validating information regarding your quality and safety procedures as well as your suppliers' compliance with your demands is crucial steps to meet your clients' evolving expectation.

We validate products and process along your supply chain, against your own objectives in a way that will eventually help you comply with both internal and external requirements. Our team of highly experienced auditors will provide a full perspective regarding your quality and safety system – from raw material handling to finished products storage.

2nd Party Audit
Our best practices combined with international standards requirements is used evaluate your suppliers. Conducting vendor audits is reliable tool to assess your suppliers. We follow strict standards commonly used in the food industry – ISO9001:2015, GMP, FSSC22000, BRC7 and HACCP – in order to assemble a checklist that would reflect the meeting of your suppliers with you expectations. As a trusted partner of Intertek, we provide 2nd party audits across the globe, to ensure your global supply chain is in compliance with your demands and in full control.
Internal Audit

The purpose of an internal audit is to reflect the status of compliance to a certain standard. Eventually, we will provide a gap analysis which will help you to prepare yourself for the day of certification audit. Our experienced auditors are certified to perform internal audits.

Our training and consulting services will guide you through to process of preparation for compliance with the relevant standard.

Logistic Center Audit

Logistic centers are critical point in the supply chain, has to be controlled constantly for sanitary, infrastructural, operational and climatic failures. Our dedicated audit plan for logistic centers helps you control possible failures before becoming a risk.

GCP Audit

Locations which food is being served in, is in high potential for public risk. Being in control of you procedures and having safety and quality management system is crucial for your business success.

Good Catering Practices approach is essential for various food establishments from hotels, resorts, restaurants, fast food and cafe chains, supermarkets, catering establishments, retail outlets, convenience stores, canteens and more.

Conducting GCP audits covers everything from basic hygiene and food handling procedures to waste management, sanitary facilities and pest control. This service is client-tailored – at Lab-Path we can conduct the main audit, provide training and consultancy, follow-up audit services and even combine it with 2nd party audits for your vendors.
Lab-Path helps you establish a framework to better implement and maintain food safety system according to standards.

In-Store Audit

In-Store audits examine different aspects of your client experience – from store hygiene and cleanliness, to product quality and freshness, security hazards, clarity of signage, shelving, climatic conditions etc.

Whither you are a retailer, hotel or a restaurant chain – performing in-store audits, is a great decision making tool, enhancing you customer experience.