Lab-Path – Protecting Public Health

For years, Lab-Path pioneering approach leads to a new Agro tradition. Our inspection methods cover all aspects of farming practice, promoting the best agricultural practice in Israel's industry. We pride ourselves on our forward thinking, sustainable approach and the fact our standard is fully independent.

Field to Fork – Look for Our Mark

Lab-Path Mark is an exclusive independently accredited scheme developed by years of experience in the agricultural landscape of Israel. It is dedicated to ensuring all fruit and vegetables are grown to environmental and responsible standards.

By adhering to the Lab-Path standard our growers ensure we can trace all of their products back to source and do rational of artificial pesticides, fertilizers and manures. Each grower is inspected on a monthly basis to ensure they meet the required high standard Lab-Path has set.

Smart, Safe, Healthy Consuming

Lab-Path manages the grower registration and certification process for leading retailers in Israel. Many retailers and distributers already embraced our scheme, believing in our commitment to promote a new way, safer more healthy, to consume fresh produce.
> Look for the Lab-Path mark on your fresh produce.